Our Products

With experience and consultations with some of our clients, we started developing our own in-house products. Before we launch any of our products we do rigorous due diligence to make sure we serve a market that will be receptive based on a dire need of that product. 

Moyanet : Connecting all consumers to the internet
Moyanet is a subsidiary of Focalsoft. All its services and products are solely meant for consumers. The main aim to get as many South Africans connected to the internet.
SMEPlus : Business Intelligence System
SMEPLUS is a business intelligence system that is built for small businesses to have an overview performance of their businesses in realtime. Data generated by SMEs also become instrumental in helping incubators to better guide SMEs.
Clean Keep: Revolution of Blue-collar Jobs
CleanKeep allow users to book expert home and office cleaners at a moment's notice. The client pick a time and we allocate the most convient cleaner do the rest. Our system auto-detect the nearby cleaner that has been vetted by us. Once the work has been done, the client can rate the service.

Focalsoft is a fully-fledged ICT company that has been operational since 2015 and has been able to work with a number of clients ranging in sizes from small businesses to large institutions such as Universities.

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